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Created in 1992, Anticor Chimie is the first company to have developed and applied on oilfields a unique preventive chemical process for the control and remediation of asphaltenes deposition in crude oils.

The company has specialized expertise and experience in the development and deployment of chemicals for the treatment of asphaltenes and paraffins deposition throughout the entire production cycle.

Anticor Chimie was recently integrated into the Scomi Bhd Group Malaysia, and changed its name to Scomi Anticor S.A.

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Scomi Anticor is tailored towards providing specific solutions to each operator. To achieve this, the company has concentrated its efforts in the research of innovative solutions, including custom made products, on-site assistance to its clients for designing field trials and follow up of treatments at the production facilities.

Its specialities are currently used in France, Northern Europe, North and West Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The Scomi Anticor range of products covers the entire oilfield chemical treatments of petroleum, from the drilling to the refining.

In order to perpetuate its know-how, strengthen its customers trust and achieve its permanent improvement goal, Scomi Anticor's Quality Management System is certified by the external auditing Company AFAQ according to ISO 9001.2000.